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Oh hello new homepage! Been about a month since this website has been up and open. First of all thank you for the interest and feedback I have received, according to some of the various trackers (there’s no escape from big brother here!) we have reached around 1000 views with 15 of you weirdos here each day. Which is actually unreal considering maybe I know like 10 people. Even more intriguing is 25% of you are Linux nerds, and 10% of you are lactose intolerant - wow Google really does know everything about you!.

Anywhose… thanks for being here, more posts to come for the foreseeable future.


Now, I have had a couple of comments regarding the non sorted nature of my blog post dates. Whilst I agree it would take me perhaps less than 2 minutes to fix it, I would like to remind you this is my website and that means I am not subject to your concepts of ‘order’. There is no place for your linear time types here!


Hello and welcome to this unbelievably basic and poorly formatted website! I have no idea how to format html so good luck navigating this website. It is highly likely that links and things won't work. So enjoy? As for what this site will be used for, I am not entirely sure but it will be a collection of all sorts of things. Mainly blog posts of things that annoy me or places I find interesting. Stick around who knows what might end up here (probably not a lot).

Me and Bjornen