Well I'm sure this isn't going to be the bane of my existence, but here we are nonetheless. Thanks to a quite literal last minute 'gift' from my brother I now have two SIM to Wifi routers. Hit me up if you want one, as he surprised me with this 'gift' just days after I could return on Amazon...

Now I use the word 'gift' lightly, because I am fairly sure setting these things up has caused him to have an aggressively receding hairline and I feel he wanted to inflict such misery upon me. Oh what a fantastic box of promises this router is, all the bells and whistles that would make even Santa Claus jealous. One such feature is real-time GPS location. So of course, I'm going to have to integrate that into this website, like an open can of Pringles this idea can not be left unfinished.

At the moment this should provide a basic version of Google maps with all key check-ins. This is manual for now... it could quite easily be a live map of every 5min GPS ping but I've come to realize too many of you possess serious stalker tendencies, predominantly you Loops.

I guess a planned feature will be linking blog posts and pictures to each pin, but until I have a remote understanding of how Google API works this is all you get folks!